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Amazon Web Services Shell (AwsSh) documentation

Specifying Amazon Web Services credentials

It is possible to specify AWS credentials via arguments

AwsSh --service-id <service id> --service-secret <service secret> <other arguments>

Or you can provide AWS credentials with environment variables

set AWS_SERVICE_ID=<service id>
set AWS_SERVICE_SECRET=<service secret>

Printing help

To list all available options or print help on specific option

AwsSh --help
AwsSh --help <option name>

Managing Amazon SimpleDB domains

To list existing domains, create new domain or ensure that domain exists, delete existing domain by name or zero or more domains by name prefix

AwsSh --list-domains
AwsSh --create-domain <domain name>
AwsSh --delete-domain <domain name>
AwsSh --delete-prefixed-domains <domain name prefix>

Managing Amazon SimpleDB items

To list all domain items and to list results of SimpleDB select expression

AwsSh --list-items <domain name>
AwsSh --select-items <select expression>

To save and load items to and from XML file

AwsSh --save-items <domain name> --file-name <XML file name>
AwsSh --select-save-items <select expression> --file-name <XML file name>
AwsSh --load-items <domain name> --file-name <XML file name>

Items are stored in XML format with root Domain element containing Item elements for each item with Name attribute for item name. Each Item element contains sub-elements for each attribute where element name is attribute name and text inside of element is attribute value. For example if domain contains two items with names '1' and '2', first item has single 'A' attribute with value 'X', second item has two attributes 'B' and 'C', where attribute 'B' has two values 'X' and 'Y' and attribute 'C' has single value 'Z'. Attribute names are appropriately encoded and decoded to be correct XML element names

  <Item Name="1">
  <Item Name="2">

Managing Amazon SQS queues

To list existing queues, create new queue or ensure that queue exists, delete existing queue by name or zero or more queues by name prefix

AwsSh --list-queues
AwsSh --create-queue <queue name>
AwsSh --delete-queue <queue name>
AwsSh --delete-prefixed-queues <queue name prefix>

Managing Amazon S3 buckets

To list existing buckets, create new bucket or ensure that bucket exists, delete existing bucket

AwsSh --list-buckets
AwsSh --create-bucket <bucket URL>
AwsSh --delete-bucket <bucket URL>

Managing Amazon S3 objects

To list existing objects in a bucket, upload and download objects, delete single object by name or zero or more objects by name prefix. For upload and download file name can be optionally specified. If file name is not specified then object name used as file name.

AwsSh --list-objects <bucket URL>
AwsSh --put-object <object URL> [--file-name <file name>]
AwsSh --get-object <object URL> [--file-name <file name>]
AwsSh --delete-object <object URL>
AwsSh --delete-prefixed-objects <object URL prefix>

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